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Rhombotoya pseudonigripennis (Muir, 1918)
  type species by original designation

Basionym original publication
Muir F. A. G. 1918 - Homopterous notes II. Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society. Honolulu 3: 414-429 [427].
Chronological account
Delphacodes nigripennis Muir, 1917 nomen praeoccupatum replaced by Delphacodes pseudonigripennis (Muir, 1918) nomen novum, according to Muir (1918): 427
Delphacodes pseudonigripennis (Muir, 1918) previous combination of Rhombotoya pseudonigripennis (Muir, 1918) according to Fennah (1975): 124
Use(s) (chresonymy)
Delphacodes nigripennis Muir, 1917 homonym of Delphacodes nigripennis (Crawford, 1914) according to Muir (1918): 427
Geographical distribution
Australia (Queensland)  according to  Bellis et al. (2014): 173
Nansei-shoto (Ryukyu Islands)  according to  Hayashi & Fujinuma (2016): 339
Papua New Guinea  according to  Bellis et al. (2014): 173
Sri Lanka  according to  Fennah (1975): 125
Taiwan  according to  Hayashi & Fujinuma (2016): 339
Distribution map: extant taxa