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Holzinger & Kammerlander & Nickel (2003)

Holzinger W. E., Kammerlander I. & Nickel H. 2003 - The Auchenorrhyncha of Central Europe - Die Zikaden Mitteleuropas. Fulgoromorpha, Cicadomorpha excl. Cicadellidae. 673 pp. Brill Publishers, Leiden (Netherlands).
Original available names
Eurysanoides Holzinger, 2003
Calligypona albicollis Sahlberg, 1871 synonym of Calligypona reyi (Fieber, 1866)
Issus novaki Dlabola, 1959 synonym of Issus truncatus Fieber, 1876
Mycterodus carpathicus Logvinenko, 1974 synonym of Mycterodus confusus Stål, 1861
Proscopus Emeljanov, 1982 synonym of Pseudodelphacodes Wagner, 1963
Peltonotellus ellisi (Dlabola, 1974) new combination of Aphelonema ellisi Dlabola, 1974
Eurysanoides flavobrunnea (Dlabola, 1956) new combination of Calligypona flavobrunnea Dlabola, 1956
Eurysanoides douglasi (Scott, 1870) new combination of Eurysa douglasi (Scott, 1870)
Eurysella jorcasa (Asche, 1994) new combination of Eurysa jorcasa Asche, 1994
Eurysanoides rubripes (Matsumura, 1910) new combination of Eurysa rubripes (Matsumura, 1910)
Pseudodelphacodes mariannae (Emeljanov, 1982) new combination of Loginovia mariannae Emeljanov, 1982
Pseudodelphacodes fenestratus (Emeljanov, 1972) new combination of Proscopus fenestratus (Emeljanov, 1972)
Pseudodelphacodes tricolorata (Dlabola, 1961) new combination of Toya tricolorata (Dlabola, 1961)
Geographical distribution
Paraliburnia clypealis (Sahlberg, 1871)