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Baker (1925)

Baker C. F. 1925 - Some Lophopidae (Fulgoroidea) of the Indo-Malayan and Papuan regions. Treubia 6(3-4): 271-296.
Original available names
Acarna (Acarnana) karnyi Baker, 1925
Acarna karnyi Baker, 1925 previous combination of Acarna (Acarnana) karnyi Baker, 1925
Acarninae Baker, 1925 previous rank of Acarnini Baker, 1925
Acarnini Baker, 1925
Kasserota illingworthi Baker, 1925 synonym of Magia subocellata Distant, 1907
Kasserota senilis Baker, 1925
Kasserota septemmaculata Baker, 1925
Katoma Baker, 1925
Katoma trichurensis Baker, 1925
Lapithasa obtusa Baker, 1925
Lapithasa simplicia Baker, 1925
Lapithasa surigaoensis Baker, 1925
Megacarna Baker, 1925
Menosca moro Baker, 1925
Menosca vermiculata Baker, 1925
Pitambara borneensis Baker, 1925
Pyrilla sumatrensis Baker, 1925
Virgilia luzonensis Baker, 1925
Jivatma Distant, 1906 synonym of Menosca Stål, 1870
Pitambara tagalica (Stål, 1854) new combination of Elasmoscelis tagalica Stål, 1854
Menosca insignis (Distant, 1909) new combination of Jivatma insignis Distant, 1909
Menosca metallica (Distant, 1906) new combination of Jivatma metallica Distant, 1906
Menosca triangulata (Banks, 1910) new combination of Jivatma triangulata Banks, 1910
Menosca whiteheadi (Distant, 1909) new combination of Jivatma whiteheadi Distant, 1909
Megacarna albosparsa (Melichar, 1913) new combination of Kasserota albosparsa Melichar, 1913
Geographical distribution
Virgilia luzonensis Baker, 1925
Wrong spelling
Oenopea Melichar, 1913 wrong spelling of Oenopia Melichar, 1913