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Chronological account
Pinodoxa Anufriev, 1991 synonym of Muirodelphax Wagner, 1963 according to Hamilton & Kwon (2010): 422
9 taxa (8 species)
Muirodelphax altaica Vilbaste, 1965
Muirodelphax amol Dlabola, 1981
Muirodelphax arvensis (Fitch, 1851)
Muirodelphax aubei (Perris, 1857)  type species
Muirodelphax litoralis Vilbaste, 1968
Muirodelphax luteus (Beamer, 1946)
Muirodelphax peneluteus (Beamer, 1948)
> Muirodelphax pinanorum (Anufriev, 1991)
Muirodelphax pinanorum marusiki Anufriev, 1991
Distribution map: extant taxa
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Level 4
Levels 1, 2 and 3
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