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Chronological account
Penthicus Blanchard, 1840 synonym of Penthicodes Blanchard, 1845 according to Distant (1906)
21 taxa (12 species)
> Penthicodes (Ereosoma) Kirkaldy, 1906
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) astraea (Stål, 1864)  type species
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) atomaria (Weber, 1801)
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) bimaculata (Schmidt, 1905)
> Penthicodes (Ereosoma) caja (Walker, 1851)
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) caja caja (Walker, 1851)
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) caja malayana Constant, 2010
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) celebica Constant, 2010
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) pulchella Guérin-Méneville, 1838
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) quadrimaculata Lallemand, 1963
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) rugulosa (Stål, 1870)
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) variegata Guérin-Méneville, 1829
Penthicodes (Ereosoma) warleti Constant, 2010
> Penthicodes (Penthicodes) Blanchard, 1845
> Penthicodes (Penthicodes) farinosa (Weber, 1801)  type species
Penthicodes (Penthicodes) farinosa aeruginea (Stål, 1870)
Penthicodes (Penthicodes) farinosa farinosa (Weber, 1801)
Penthicodes (Penthicodes) farinosa leucostictica (White, 1845)
Penthicodes (Penthicodes) farinosa niasensis Schmidt, 1923
Penthicodes (Penthicodes) farinosa tullia (Breddin, 1901)
Penthicodes (Penthicodes) nicobarica (Stål, 1869)
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